Data Recovery

Pen drive is a portable storage device, which is often used to transfer video, audio and data from one computer to another within minutes. Pen drive is also popular as jump drive, thumb drive and flash drive. Pen drive has lots of memory space and it is regarded as the best tool to transfer or store data when compared to traditional floppy discs and contemporary CDs.

There are times when users become victim to data loss due to –

  • Harsh handling
  • Virus attack
  • Static electric supply
  • Power surges
  • Water
  • Accidental delete of data files
  • USB connector breaks off

In all such cases, it is practical to take help from USB drive recovery services.

Failed pen drive symptoms

  • Drive, not accessible
  • Damaged circuit board
  • Drive shows capacity of 0mb
  • Format disk error
  • Unresponsive or dead
  • USB device malfunction or not recognized
  • Not detected by computer

Data Recovery

When you experience these symptoms, it is time to take help from data recovery Vancouver professionals. The trained engineers have experience in recovering data failed drives, but you may feel that why hire experts when there are software applications to do it yourself.

  • There are lots of data recovery software available, which claims to do the task perfectly but many symptoms may need high tech tools for repairs.
  • Some of these tools are costly.
  • With lack of knowledge you can fry the NANDs, while soldering the PCB board, which can permanently destroy the data.
  • Trying to glue the connector will definitely turn out to be a mess, and you ultimately turn for help from the professionals.

There are times, when NANDs and damaged PCB board has to be removed and inserted in a special device, which allows to read the data. Professional technicians are equipped with proper tools and experience to retrieve your data quickly and safely.

Sometimes shortcut virus attacks your USB drive. Surprisingly, you cannot access your data. You are left with shortcut files without the original files stored in the USB. It indicates that your pen drive is attacked by shortcut virus.

Don’t panic! First check the USB drive space and you will find that the space used is same. If the data has vanished you would be left with an empty pen drive. It means the data is still safe, but due to short cut virus, you cannot access it.

Engage data recovery specialists

Remember, data is important and the USB data recovery specialists are committed to retrieve it. Failure in pen drive can sometimes be caused due to human errors, hardware failures, natural disasters, computer viruses, or software corruption. Pen drives do not have movable parts, but they degrade due to the quantity of copy actions.

In the same way, USB connector wears out overtime, which increases the risk of PCB getting damaged. The pen drive includes minute parts along with multi-layered circuit, which makes data recovery process difficult.

The data recovery specialists are capable of reading the memory chip in raw format. They provide a diagnostic report regarding the recoverable data along with quotes. This allows you to make an informed decision, before you employ their services.