Are you not getting the sales or conversion rates as high as you hoped for your small business? Maybe, your marketing strategy is at fault. As advertising and promotions become cost effective for businesses thanks to digital marketing, the competition is extremely high for small businesses. Your company will need a unique and flexible promotional plan to survive on the long run. Here are a few useful tips to increase the effectiveness of your overall marketing plan:

1.Publish Web Content

Blogging and web articles are an excellent method to create brand awareness and spread the word about your company in the online world. Instruct your marketing team to come up with ideas for articles to be published around on websites that generate high amounts of traffic. Make your articles relevant to your business, and keep them short and interesting.

2.Tap into Mobile Marketing

The next big thing for digital marketing is mobile marketing. As smartphone users number in the billions, your company will eventually need an ace mobile marketing plan. This is to ensure you stay ahead in the game. You will need to design platform-specific ads and promotional material such as phone apps for your company. Design your mobile marketing plan with the help of professionals located locally, for example app developer Melbourne if you are an Australian company, rather than an agent based in Japan, for the best results.


3.Combine SEO and CRO Tactics

Your marketing plan should be optimised to generate traffic to your sites as well as to convert that traffic into sales. Search engine optimisation will attract users to your website, but will not guarantee sales. You should,therefore, combine SEO with CRO, conversion rate optimisation tactics, to boost purchases on your site. Use SEO and CRO wisely to keep your company trending and to expand your paying customer base.

4.Expand Social Media Coverage

Do not limit your social media exposure to Facebook and Twitter. Different social media platforms attract different groups of users. You can attract these users and convert them to customers. Your marketing plan can expand into various social media platforms and generate posts accordingly. Do not overlook platforms like Instagram, Tumblr, and others. If you do, you will overlook a large group of potential customers.

5.Engage Audiences

Your marketing plan, no matter how hip the tactics you use are, will not succeed if you cannot actively engage your target audience. Your web content and social media posts should generate organic likes, shares, and feedback to be effective. Don’t post passive ads and call it marketing. Create highly engaging web and social media content that customers can reply to and follow.

6.Focus on Local

Never forget that your local customer base is the most important customer base. Your marketing plan should zero in on this group, before it can reach a vast global audience. Localise SEO and ads based on a geographical location to generate the best results in terms of sales. Get your company listed on Google Maps, and don’t hesitate to organise promotional activities like free giveaways in the real world, too.

Stick to the above suggestions and your marketing plan’s effectiveness could be improved twice as much as before. You don’t have to spend a fortune to do any of the above. Don’t do what everyone else is doing. Strive to be unique and attract loyal customers.